Ginny & Gioia

This collection was born as a dedication to our two angels: Gioia and Ginevra who left us two years ago, but who are with us every day and who guide our steps. We created this collection, with a precise idea, that of transmitting to the skaters around the world what were the elegance and innate style of Gioia and Ginny ...

... to them that have grown since their first steps on the ice, dressing our products, practically every day of their career as athletes.
This is why, on the 10th anniversary of our activity, we wanted to pay tribute to our very first production, revisiting many items that made our brand famous in the world, because they are the same clothes that have dressed our angels over time. In some way, Gioia and Ginny have represented every skater in every part of the world through determination, commitment, work and love.

A reference to the past, with an eye to the present, and a look to the future. The word of order is always the same: to train with style!

To Gioia and Ginevra ... forever.