Sylvia Unitard

803 / P803 / P803 J-STYLE
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Sylvia Unitard

This unitard with net and crossing back is made of technical, thermal, elastic and waterproof fabrics in order to ensure your sport performance.

The colour can be customized, as you can see from the options above, and there is the possibility to add Rhinestones on it. 

This item is available in three different options:

  • 803 is the basic option of Sylvia Unitard. When choosing the colour of the unitard, you will automatically choose the colour of the net as well. The unitard and the net inserts will be both of the same colour. Pay attention to these colours: Fish, Venere, Lips, Alchemy, Techno and Survivor will be associated with black net inserts. 
  • P803 is Sylvia Unitard with lace inserts. The unitard and the lace inserts will be of the same colour. Choose the lace colour you prefer!
  • P803 J-STYLE is the option which allows you to choose both the lace colour, which will be the same of the whole unitard, and the colour of the insert you want under it.

This item is made of fabrics that may contain Polyamide and Spandex in different quantities.

The picture is only intended to show the product. To purchase your garment you will be asked to specify size, colors, fabrics and Swarovski application.

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