Delivery times

There are many things to take in consideration when talking about delivery times, like the product availability, the manufacturing time and the order managing time.
The orders that will processed faster will be the ones payed via PayPal, since the payment immediately arrives on our accounts.

Other kinds of payment, as the Bank Transfer, could delay the delivery time . This is because we have to wait for the payment to come before processing your order.
If you are paying with a Bank Transfer, please take in consideration that we will process your order as soon as the payment will successfully arrive on our account.

Anyway, once the order has been confirmed and the payment is received, Karisma immediately takes care of the order and gives it to the carrier as fast as possible.

Shipment Costs
The shipment cost depends on what you are ordering and where we do have to ship the goods. The detailed cost will be shown to you in the cart while you are shopping and at the end before the payment.

Goods Delivery

You can always have a look on your order status by checking in "My Account" section.
Here below you will find a few tips to receive your goods smoothly and enjoy your Karisma creations!
- Always check that what has been delivered to you is matching with what is written in the carrier's packing list.
- Always check the package: it must be intact with no damages, also the tape must be ok with no cuts.
- If possibly, immediately check the good to make sure that everything is ok.

In case of package alteration and/or visible damages you have to immediately contest the shipment and notify the carrier, and before signing the delivery note you must write "Goods unchecked, package damaged" (or other issue that you see at the moment) in the notes field, so that in case of issues you will be able to sue the carrier.